Unlink 'Selection Back' Theme Colors

The “Selection Back” color selector in Theme affects 3 parts.

  • Text in which the current track is selected (this is good).
  • Pattern Number background on the far right (do Not Want this to be linked with text).
  • Arches signifying the selection (this is OK but would be nice to have those seperate too).

Back in Renoise 1.9 there was an option to select text color and the pattern number background colors seperately.
No idea why you guys removed that but i want to be able to change the selected text color without changing the pattern or arches colors…

Renoise 1.9

Renoise 3 (beta5)

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I would also like to put in a request to have all this separated.

Plus add Copy/Paste color buttons.


I’m not pissed if it’s not gonna happen, but I was also wondering while creating some themes some time ago why the “Main Font” is linked to the scopes, the scopes font, the matrix frames, the pattern sequencer symbols, the Renoise background logo in the instrument selector and the curves shown in the filters, EQs and so on. I would unlink all of them, everything should have its own colors. Just have a look what I’m talking about. Everything that’s pink is currently linked to “Main Font”:

Right not a priority… I just wanted to change the cursor color really and got surprised how much of that color is lumped together.

And that lead to another thought, How cool would it be if you could change everything in the pattern editor including all padding, border, font and whatnot, then we could make some very unique looking editors :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have talked with Taktik about this thematics before a few month where the (NPC1) color profiles was introduced in new Renoise version. There are many of such linked color values in Renoise, and there are even inverse linked Color Values too. Together with some unwanted autocontrast features. All this making theme creation process slowly and annoying. In many cases this theming behavoir of Renoise result in the fact, that you as theme creator can not use the optimal, or most ergonomic color for a specific control part in theme designing process.The automatic gray/black switch sucks to in some scenarios. The switch Value for that should be configurable too in my opinion. Taktik meaned to this, that some more colorvalues in the colorconfig would make theme creation too complex and requires too much time.


Yes this would be very cool, but the Font Rendering Capabilitys on Renoise graphics engine are very poor. So without upgrading the graphics engine of Renoise it not become sensefully in my eyes.

happy tracking :slight_smile: