Unmapped Midi-Actions going into Effects Column

Hello there,
i’m having problems recording automation via MIDI.
It seems that Commands that are not mapped go into the Effects Column of the active Pattern, overwriting possibly existing commands and flooding the song with unneeded information.

Now the MIDI-Controller i’m using is a DIY one, so im not quite sure if the problems on sloppy programming or Renoise or me being dumb (Channels used are 6 and 7, CC Numbers don’t seems to make a difference), but if someone has some idea whats wrong/how to fix this please let me know.

Thanks and greetings,

Uncheck boxes and try again!
Then understand what each of them is.

Controllers it is

How did you determine that?

What is it about the controller that makes this happen?

(Curious because I may build my own controller.)

Ok, I don’t think it’s about the controller.
Just tried with an old m-audio oxygen and it had the same behaviour.

The Controller sends mostly CC Values and unchecking “Pitchbend & Controllers” in the Record & Play Filter made it not happen anymore.
It also fixed it, since automation curves are still being recorded.
Not sure why i never noticed this before.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

As for the Controller, i’m glad i got an arduino mega (though it needs a little software workaround to be recognized as a midi controller), instead of fiddling around multiplexing multiplexers (not an electronics or programming professional here) and having it laying in a corner for a year. Now i can finally reuse old notebook touchpads aswell, yay!

I’ve experienced the same with two different midi keyboards (one of them a m-audio). In both cases, it was the hardware’s fault.