Unmapped MIDI volume CC (#7) applied on all instruments?

Environment: Windows 10, RNS 3.1.0 RC2 32bit, 8 track volume control mapped to Ch1-Ch8 CC#7

Steps to reproduce: external midi controller sending CC#7 to channel which is not mapped -> applies on all instrument’s volume without indication on the UI. I could reproduce this on my environment through Ch9-Ch16 if I try on the envrmnt explained above, and all the same. Mapped controllers working well.



That’s new in Renoise 3.1. It’s mapped to the instrument’s global volume. See http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Instruments#Instrument_Properties

Other automatically mapped MIDI events are:

Program Change: Control phrase-triggering mode, select phrase in Program Mode 0 = Phrase Off 1-126 = Program Mode 127 = Keymap Mode
CC#01 Mod-wheel - Freely assignable as a Macro
CC#07 Volume - Controls the instrument’s global volume
CC#14 Scale Key - Determine the root key for the scale
CC#15 Scale Mode - Apply a harmonic scale to the preset, 0 = OFF 1-35 = Scale
CC#64 Sustain pedal - While sustain is enabled, any playing notes will continue to play until the pedal is released, 0-63 = OFF 64-127 = ON
CC#121 All Controllers Off - Reset pitch-bend (PB), channel-pressure (CP) and mod-wheel (MW)
CC#123 All Notes Off - Turns off any currently playing notes
Channel-pressure - Freely assignable as a Macro
Pitch-bend - Freely assignable as a Macro
Mod-Wheel - Please see CC#01

When a plugin instrument is loaded into an instrument slot, MIDI is passed to the plugin only.

Thanks and excuse me for the false alarm. But is this means that I have to map all the CC#7 controllers if I don’t want any knob to set the master volume?

(it’s a 4x4 knob matrix and in “volume” status they sending only CC#7 on CH1-CH16, and I cannot change this behavior)