i finished this track a little bit ago. it’s not my usual soundscheme, and is quite different from the mood i normally make.


pretty tight eh?


I love this song.

Your style is great, Mushen. I even put that other song “Eyelashes” on my iPod. Which is saying a lot, because while I fail completely at making music…I’m quite picky about the stuff I listen to.

Keep it up.

Eek LP those tops boy! Otherwise, slick little acidhop thing, maybe a little repetitive for my ipod (what is an ipod?).

Good song man, it starts off really groovy and then breaks really well. The only thing I could suggest is a little more low end throughout the song, I’m a sucker for the basssss.

I do!

911 is in France too? Awesome!

this is wicked :D
like mark was saying though, the hats are TSSSSSS!!!

I guess that dude is totally unreliable.


this is really a great track u made Mushen! I’m also adding it to my playlist :).
keep the good work up