Unnatural Sound Differences Between 48khz & 96khz

Does anyone have similar environmental sounding changes between 48Khz and 96Khz output?

It doesn’t sound like a hardware bug but more something strange in the interpolation routines, it might not be a bug at all but strange output due to used low-bit and frequency rate samples.

I have rendered two sample pieces. They are exact the same song with the frequency-rate as the only difference:
48Khz demo
96Khz demo

Any-one know the trick in optimising samples to level souding-output difference between those two frequency rates?



The difference is striking


Have you used any VST or native effects ? If so you might try to disable them to se wich one behaves wrong at 96kHz. You might also send me the song so I could take a look of what component causes the different output with the different samplerates.

I don’t use VST plugins in this song, i use native effects and i found out that the EQ10 behaviour gives different output and the reverb effect does also give different outputs. “roomsize” sounds smaller in 96Khz mode

The test song is downloadable here