Unpacking a Doofer

“Combine into Doofer” works as it should, but if I take my devices out of a doofer, it breaks all meta device routing. For this reason an “Unpack Doofer” command would be a good addition. Can this sort of thing be scripted?

Quickly off hand… I don’t think you can conveniently access the individual AudioDevice effects encapsulated inside a Doofer via lua. You can see and adjust the macro parameters, but not know about the AudioDevice effects device chain it contains. But I could be wrong about this.

Just another very quick thought is to save the DSP chain/Doofer into a .xrnt/.xml file, rebuild/process the DSP chain file without it encapsulated in a Doofer device and reload that in? Hmm, not sure Skolskoly :slight_smile:

Yes, saving an xrnt seems like the best substitute at the moment. I didn’t realize that you can disable the “replace existing chain” option, which always turned me off from using them. Thanks 4Tey!

It would be so nice to be able to unpack a doofer!