Unpacking Zipped Xrns-files

This may not be a Renoise-problem, but it’s a problem when using Renoise-songs so…

Whenever I download a XRNS in as a zip-file, I only get a regular folder as a result when I unpack it. In that folder two things exist: one folder called “sample data” (or something like that) and a *.xml file (with the filename instead of the *).

Trying to open the folder in Renoise (option+O) nothing happens. And trying to open up the *.xml file only gives me an error message.

Anyone know how to fix this so I get a real *.xrns file instead of a folder? :unsure:

Using: Max OS 10.5 & Renoise 2.1.

Sometimes you download a xrns and it gets renamed zip, as xrns-files are zip archives and some servers doesn’t have the mime type set correctly. (Cue connor or vv Bantai to explain this in full)

Don’t unzip it, just rename it to .xrns and you’re good to go.

… and if you can’t stop the finder from unpacking the XNS files (although “save as…” in the browser should never do so), then:

  • select the “SampleData” and “Song.xml” in finder
  • click “create archive from 2 items” in finders context menu
  • rename “Archive.zip” to “whatever.xrns”

This is quite awkward, but Renoise files are just zip files, so finder does a bit too much here and we can’t stop it from doing so…

Ah! Yes! That worked! Thanks!

Funny how it’s sometimes some easy way to solve problems.

The XRNS file is actually a ZIP archive which indeed contains a folder with samples and a song.xml file.
Some servers desire to override the extension naming because they see a ZIP header. What GNUte tells you is the best advise:save the file as XRNS or rename them to .xrns when you discover a song.xml in the archive’s rootfolder.