Unstopped Note


I have a question. I have Renoise since two days now, and today I asked me this question : how can I make a note NOT to loop ? Like if it is pressed On from the beginning of a pattern to its end, and NOT be pressed On again when looped. Is there a way to do it ?

If i understood your question correctly: Add a pattern with that specific track empty in the next sequence in the sequence editor?
There is no other native way to prevent a note from being retriggered when the pattern is looped again.

add a note- off command at the end of the pattern - by default its the key above the left shift key.

I’ve figured that out, that’s a way to do it thank you ! But it would be great to have that kind of feature (even if I think it’s not in the spirit of Renoise).

Actually, there is one technique that works quite nicely: The 05xx glide to note command.

If you add a glide value to the note then it will only be triggered the first time it appears.

For example:

00 C-4 0500  
01 --- ....  
02 --- ....  
03 --- ....  

You could loop this tiny pattern several times in a row, but the C-4 would only be triggered once and would just continue playing each time it loops.

The downside is that any notes from earlier patterns will also be affected by the glide command, so you have to be a bit careful how you structure things. Make sure you send a note off command before you get to the pattern that you want to loop several times, otherwise the glide command will just continue playing the earlier note and your C-4 may never be heard properly.

Oh thank you ! Now I have to go through the user manual to find how to enter note command properly :panic:

welcome to proper tracking :)