Untitled Wip (Dubstep)

This is my first serious attempt on making dubstep but I am kinda stuck. Would like some advice. So far I know I need to add some effects and make better transitions.

I’d put some reverb on those drums first off.

Then are you using an LFO on the cutoff of a filter on that bass? It’s not very prominent if so. Your simple wobble bass DSP chain should like something like this:

[Distortion and/or Bitcrusher] -> [LFO] -> [Filter] -> Chorus

-You automate the LFO in the effect column or automation lane to change between rhythmic values.
-The filter should be either a Low Pass, Low Shelf, or Band Pass (I really like Low Shelf personally.).
-The chorus is just nice to give the sound more depth.

I did most of that. But I did some weird experiment of putting 2 sends into that one bass. 1 send has lp filter 2nd send has distortion hp filter lfo. I didnt want to wobble the whole bass but just the high end. But I think I had too much chorus in it. But if this doesnt sound good at all I guess I’ll trash it. Just wanted to know what sucked in the song or what was good.

Good call on the two bass tracks actually. I do that sometimes to retain the low end.

Does the second bass track look like this then?

[stationary HPF] -> [distortion] -> [LFO] -> [automated LPF]

And yeah, it’s pretty chorus-y.

I don’t think it sounds bad, but it would need a lot of work IMO. I’m just not to hot on the bass sound. Its frequency content doesn’t vary drastically enough to trigger “wobble!” in my head.

Okay, I understand what your saying now. After listening to my favorite dubstep artist, Reso - static remix, I understand that my song didnt really have that wobble effect. It didnt stand out much, although I didnt want to whole bass to wobble the part I want to move didnt really do much. This means I practically have to remake the bass =(