Unwanted inputs

Hello. I’ve used Renoise off and on for three years. I recently got a new computer and downloaded the newest build. I’m getting seemingly random inputs and I’d like for them to go away, if possible. When edit mode is armed, I can loop a pattern, and just watch as whatever row is highlighted accumulates inputs. They look a little something like this: “… 03 … M0 F7 334B.” Of course, the instrument corresponds to whatever instrument is selected at the time. The M0 is a constant, but the values are random. There is never a note. The pattern doesn’t have to be playing for this to happen. I can select whatever row and after a few seconds it will be cluttered with this information. Does anybody have an idea of what’s going on here?

The “M0” would suggest something is sending midi CC to renoise. You wouldn’t happen to have a midi device hooked on?

I do. An Axiom 49 keyboard. I’m not touching it, but I guess it’s sending information anyway. Interesting. Thanks for interpreting the “M0.”