Unwanted mutes in drumkits

for my test drive i made the attached drum pattern: 4621 808selfmute.xrns .

If you first play only the BD, TOMTOMTOM and SD CP everything is ok.
Turning on RIM BD tail is cut off.
Turning on HATS removes BD altogether.
Also seems like HATS mute some of RIM.

Similar stuff happens with all the included 3.0 drumkits.

(running the 64bit OSX b5)

What on earth is going on here?


Check out the nna setting in the Instrument editors sample properties?

The instrument has built-in DSP chains. Currently, this type of instrument can only correctly be played on a single track at any given moment in time. It behaves similarly to a VST plugin which only has one stereo output – you cannot play notes on multiple tracks simultaneously.

Thanks guys!
Ok, I understand. Then new RNI sure has a lot of depth. It would be very cool if they had multiple busses like many drum machine VST so you can avoid the problem… but I guess that might be hard to implement…

And thinking just a few moments longer, since the effects are per sound i do not need different channels for everything. This is just so much neater. rnsrules.