Unwanted note cuts

Hi there,

I have been using renoise for some years now and I love it,especially since the latest 3.0 update. There is just one issue I can’t get my head around.

When programming drums, I like to keep all samples neatly stored in one instrument. Then I devide the kicks, snare hats and what else over different tracks. That has been working lovely ever since fasttracker:) when I add an effect chain to one of the samples though, the different tracks start to cut the notes of others.

Does anyone recognise this issue, or am I missing something?

You dont miss anything, it is limitation of R3.0.
You have to keep everything in one collumn if you use FX Chains.

Thanks for the speedy reply. Could you tell me if this issue will be addressed with the next release?

I cant :-).
But you can work with phrases if you want, it is “workaround”.
With Redux that is comming out soon (i hope) you can also apply pattern fx for every collumn in phrase (something you cant do now).