Unwrapping doofer


I’ve made a doofer which is some kind of dynamics module. It uses a signal follower which controls a bus compressor. Now I would like to get the signal followers input from another track/sidechain instead. So I have to move the signal follower out of the doofer, or maybe even unwrap all chidren modules to the parent layer.

I am already using all 8 doofer knob slots, so I also can’t send the signal followers output into a macro knob… Any idea for quickly resolve this problem? Thanks.

EDIT: Oh damn, I also cannot target the master track from a send track…

Will it be the exact same signal, if I move the signal follower to the parent level, and then use a marco knob for the sf’s output? Or are the macro knob somehow more limited in time frame resolution?

I was tying to use the LFO device as a transfer function:

Strangely, as soon as the signal flows thru the LFO instead directly, the result will be a bit too late then…

The formula device delays the signal a bit (y=A). Should the formula device request some PDC instead?