Up the # of Sample FX columns per note in phrases

Phrases are powerful but limited due to one drawback: can’t have no more than 1 sample FX column per note column. What if we can have 2 or more?

You’re wondering why? What if I told you if this was possible, we can have the possibility of doing RANDOM SAMPLE OFFSETS PER KEY PRESS?

Current state of Phrases:

C-4 … -S00 | C-4 … -S40 | C-4 … -S80 | C-4 … -SB0 | Y00

Proposal way:

C-4 … -S00 -Y40 | C-4 … -S40 -Y40 | C-4 … -S80 -Y40 | C-4 … -SB0 -Y40 | Y00

The thing is, I don’t want to have to create this type of note patterns in the matrix/pattern editor. It would look cluttered. By allowing more samples FX columns per note in phrases, this becomes possible and convenient approach on designing instruments. If you used Serum before, you’ll have an idea what I’m talking about.

Pro Tip: Many of the commands are not just limited to usage within the standard effect columns, but may also be used (with limited resolution) within the volume or panning columns, too.

For example, something like this is totally cool:

8030 renoise-fx.png


That is cool. I hope this can be fully implemented to the point where I have higher resolution with additional sample FX columns.