Upcoming New Tracker?

While deleting old “dead links” out of my favourites I found this:


Still no beta release, but sounds impressive…

What do you think?

Oh heh, I heard about that one years ago. Wasn’t that the closest we’d come to IT3?

Well, let us know “when” its done. I’ve grown a weak faith in upcoming tracker products.

But make no mistake, i love competiton, the thought of how many different beer brands (and wine) exists in this world makes me crazy… but for now, i’ll stick with renoise and carlsberg, they satisfy my thirst, but i will try them all if i could.

IT3 is still being developed, just not by dspaudio. It seems that they hired some guys to do it, but they were too slow and got fired or something. They didnt stop the development of it however, so maybe it will pop up someday.

IT3, FT3 and MT3 was my initial bet of a serious VST/Midi capable tracker, so i’m really glad renoise came along, i still look up into the sky and say thank you these days :lol:

Frydenlund Bayer is the best.

My favourite equipment :yeah: :D

look like a whole new technology born again… reminds me of the time buzz came about.

the idea sounds like propellerheads reason - routable stuff, etc… i think it’s more than that though. never really used those kind of software.

but one thing: from the alpha screencaps - i know i’m not going to use it anytime soon.