update api version in script manifest to 4 to make broken scripts work

Just like with the previous Renoise update some scripts don’t automatically update/upgrade with the new installation, probably because they’re touching parts that are now changed. Sometimes this can be easily manually fixed if you have the scripting terminal activated.

Change Api.Version to 4 in the scripts manifest and press execute in the bottom right corner.

Then go to ‘Tools’ in the top of the screen & select ‘Tool Browser’, select the script you have just altered and enable it in the window.

You can try it yourself for scripts that are deactivated in the beta and hope this trick is sufficient. like with Drakmaniso’s Automasher which I use a lot in the automation editor which I got working now, complex macro automation ftw! :drummer:/


Scripts are deactivated for a reason and the reason is stated in the logfiles when Renoise converted all scripts for the first time.
The only thing the converter does not interpret correctly are matched incompatible instructions in commented areas. In such cases the script may work by raising the version.
In other cases, you may stumble against problems sooner or later if an incompatible/deprecated function is called.

It is trial & error, but for some mucho used scripts be worth the ‘risk’.

Any ideas on where can I find the log files on a mac?

Help -> Show log file