Update Automation On Song Position Change

I’m sure in previous versions of Renoise when scrolling through the song, with it NOT playing, you would see the parameters you have automated as you change patterns past them. This no longer works and the parameters do not change until you hit Play.

I have tried toggling the Update Automation On Song Position Change in Preferences -> Plug/Misc and it makes no difference.

Well actually it does make a differences. With it Off it doesn’t look forwards/backwards to the last (first) automation point to get its value and only changes on Play if you actually play over the automation itself.

Is this new or has it always been like this? Sure there used to be a “Look Ahead” which is basically what this function is now, but also it would follow automation without playing…

OK I have done absolutely nothing but play a few, edit a couple of bits, there’s been an Autosave but suddenly it is working as expected…

Perhaps some refreshment course here on the subject:
I think pattern follow mode also did something in your case.

One of the reasons why the option in the preferences was put (and how the pattern follow method is related to this) was of the complaint that when one was entering parameter effect values in the effect column, that the parameters in the specific DSP device got instantly changed but also devices or parameters that you didn’t wanted to affect at all, also changed:
One wanted to change value of parameter 5 of effect 11 and started typing B and suddenly parameter 1 got changed to value 00 instantly because pattern follow was turned on and editstep was set to 1.
Or one accidentally typed A or C because user had trouble converting device number 11 to the hexadecimal equivalent so changed the first parameter of two other devices unawarely to 00 as well.

I however don’t know if the same behavior supposed be applied for automation as well.

Ahh that makes perfect sense for Pattern Commands, good that it is done that way.

See my second post that exactly the same value I was talking about, which is done by Automation, suddenly started working although not straight after toggling the setting and checking so just a strange glitch in the system (I hope.)

Effects On/Off also do seem to instantly change as you scroll patterns up and down and they can only be done via Pattern Commands, so why don’t they follow your rule above? In fact this song has come EQ changes by pattern commands and I can see them changing as I scroll through patterns while stopped, so doesn’t that go against what you said? Thought it might be related to Edit Mode and Focus but even with Edit On and Pattern Editor in Focus (the dangerous point you mentioned above) the effect changed by Pattern Command is still changing on scrolling. Scrolling past the lines within the Pattern does not, so guess that still keeps it safe, but it was while changing Pattern I wanted to see it anyway.

Pattern Follow On/Off makes no difference either. Basically I can not recreate it again…

OK doubt it’s related but they are two minor Help (probably, rather than Bug) topics.

But I’ve noticed that now my parameter updates are working correctly my VU meters for tracks which are silence (via a Send with Mute Source) still have the coloured meters, rather than the greyed out ones. The change did seem to happen around the same time as the parameter updating working but that’s likely just coincidence. I have tried loading the original song again and that makes no difference (still coloured muted meters and parameter updates working) so can’t be something in the song. Is there something I’ve maybe missed in preferences?

I don’t know what is going on exactly, it might as well have been a bug requiring hard to reproduce circumstances.

OK I’m being a fool with the greyed out meters, they are only grey if you are set to control Post faders, rather than Pre, obviously indicating the fader wont do anything. By that thinking you could almost say the meters should show at either the input to the channel (before effects) or the end of it pending on which is selected but that would probably confuse people all the more and happy to know what is the cause of that one.

The other can definitely be put down to random glitch as it has worked fine continuously since shortly after the initial posting.

If you have a send-device in the DSP rack and mute the source within it, then the post faders have no function, hence the meters show a different color in that case.

As I said “obviously indicating the fader wont do anything.”

Ok sorry, i was a little tired to read it perfectly :P