Update Check Failed

This happens in Renoise 32bit v2.8.0 rc1 on Windows XP SP3 when I try to do “Check for updates”:

My guess is this is a temporary problem on the server-side (perhaps because of the web update)?

Yes, should fix itself in the next hours or day. Let us know in case it does not please.

got it here as well.

Do you still get those errors? The transition is now completed so this should no longer happen.

Yep still pops up each time. But I’ve got a retarded amount of tools, maybe some old ones are just screwing it up?

taktik: Yes I also still get this error. Is this a dns-record update thing issue that will be solved by itself over time?

Yes, exactly. We’ve moved the sever to a new IP.

Hmm… I’m still getting this. :)

Hmpf. Are you probably using a very old version of the update checker?

Please click on “Help” -> “Show Preferences Folder…” in Renoise. There should be a folder “Tools”.
In “Tools” should be a “com.renoise.UpdateChecker” folder. Could you please zip it and send this one to us or attach it here?

Sure, attached here.

yeh still had this as well, i had an old version as well i suppose…

installed this one http://www.renoise.com/tools/update-checker
don’t have it anymore.

Thanks. Can replicate this now too with the old version of the tools.

junoir: If you trash the “com.renoise.UpdateChecker” folder in your preferences, Renoise will use it’s internal bundled updater instead. This one should definitely work.

We’re nevertheless working on a fix/workaround.

Ok, thanks! :)

Just want to confirm this.
Are these problems solved by itself, if we will wait more several days?

Because there was a same report in Japanese forum. (see the images. they are on RC2)

Anyway, I told him how to fix them already, so it’s not big problems though. :unsure:

had this too, didn’t go away until I uninstalled the old updatechecker-tool.
first it wouldn’t let me (the button uninstall was greyed out), but with right click -> uninstall it went away.
btw, for me there were two updatechecker tools in the tool browser: one topmost and one near the end of the list.