Update (reload) Sample

As in Adobe Flash, it could be nice to be able to update the sample easily.

right clic >> update sample (the new version of the sample modified in soundforge for example will replace the old one without seeking the directories)

Instead of only updating the sample i’d prefer a custom user menu, with own entries to pass a sample to an external editor and reload it back, after editing is finished.

Very satisfying.

Some software like Adobe Photoshop, Icon Workshop, or Ulead PhotoImpact have some plugins that enable sharing the documents with other similar applications, exactly the way you described here. Maybe a plugin could be also made for renoise to share the samples with external editors?

ah yes… it s better idea!

but if our renoise editor could let us work separately on each channel and apply more functions and direct effects who re not in the channel’s dsp chain we won t need any external editor! … BTW renoise goal is tracking not editing, we don t have to forget it!

Even then i’d like the menu for timestretching applications and still another editor. There is probably always some function useful from another app, which is not available directly in Renoise. You’ve pretty much summed it up yourself: