Upgrade Hilfe

hallo taktik,

ich möchte meine lizenz upgraden,

in dem 2.5er announce steht"

im backstage account upgrade licene werden 39 euro genannt, wenn ich dann auf bezhalungsart wire (überweisung) gehe, erscheint der hinweis dass das 20 euro extra kostet.
ich geh auf OK,
dann kommt die rechnung mit dem empfängerkonto in frankfurt,
nur hier werden die 39euro + 19% = 46.41 euro.

wieviel muss ich denn nun überweisen?

30 + 20 +19% ?
39 +20 +19% ?
39 + 19 % ?

sorry, bin total verwirrt und würde gern upgraden;)

PCVF:Wire transfer are costs that are charged by SWREG unfortunately as with the tax additions are for European customers only and also are added by SWREG paying services. We have no influence on these charges done by them.

Bantai is looking for other pay-service hosts that have more reasonable pricing-fees charged for various services.

If you have a Paypal account, the transmission fee is EUR 3,50 rather than 20 euro’s.

Cheapest is still having a credit card.

thanx 8)

but i don’t ask for lower prices, i ask for the price , how much i have to pay ;)

it’s not really clear.

or in other words: how many euros should be on a bank-account ? (and which is the account?)
my bank would than tell me the extra fee of transition costs.

This was just me being confused. Sorry for this.

The upgrade price is 39 EUR + VAT for most European countries if applicable.

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not everyone here speaks german ;)

ok, 8) i thought this is a german bank transfer problem;