upgrade plugin to instrument tool, more audio recording capabilities

Here some ideas i’ve posted in a suggestion thread for 3.1, so it dont get lost and can be added to the “List of feature suggestions for Renoise” :)

upgrade “plugin to instrument tool” for hardware synths and rewire devices
Its a great tool, but why i cant render hardware synths (using live recording) or rewire devices to xrni instruments? This would be amazing!

allow rewire audio channels to be recorded in the audio recorder
Its something basic. The sampler have an audio recorder, please add support for rewire channels in there. So i can play some stuff in reason (or other daw) and record it directly into renoise. There is a possible workaround for this. I could add a gain to mute the incoming signal and a rewire input into the track fx channel. Then route the audio input to this track fx chain. But its so complicated.

for hardware sampling use Extreme Sample Converter

yeah sure, but why an extra application for this, when the basics for this kind of sampling is already in renoise?