Upgrade Your Tools To 2.8 And Post To The Tools Page?

You’re hungover, can barely think, and are looking for a boring, mind numbing activity on this January 1st?

Upgrade your Tools! :)

The Tools page, when filtered on 2.8, is looking mighty sad…

Oh, and all you coders releasing Tools in forum threads, any chance we’ll see them up on the Tools page in 2012?


Was meaning to do this in 2011, but looks like I have a new resolution!

The only tool I ever published on the Tools-page was phase invert. And the motherf#€%#€s went and built it inside renoise. So won’t be updating that. The forum is another story… There might be something to salvage from the steaming pile of my tool threads.

There are a whole bunch of folks that would have killed these mofos if they didn’t embedded it, so put a sock in it KMaki ;)

Yeah. I meant to put a wink on that post, but then, on a whim I decided to play HARDBALL!!! :D Great it’s native.

The two I’ve done I never felt were quite complete enough… And the both auto-updated fine :)

Should try and find the time to get them out of beta really though!

I think it’s high time I put Paketti up on the tools-page, even if it’ll just be the chopped down version which functions as “ImpulseTracker” keyshortcut / function cloning. Not sure how people would react to specific VST/AU being available as shortcuts. . . It’s gotten so large, so many different things, tests, etc.
Are grab bags allowed?

Disgruntled coach dad here clapping hands in your general direction:


with graphics


Well that’s a nice request but i am wondering as of the reason why i have not yet uploaded 2.7 tools that could be updated automatically by Renoise:
Should tools that can be autoupdated really be reuploaded simply because of a manifest attribute (api-version) change?
Or could we upload an xrnx that only contains the updated manifest?
It is pretty much filthening the tools site having duplicates.

Good point.

It’s not so much an auto-update as it is a “fingers crossed, hopes this works!” dumb guess by a computer. It’s still up to the developer to verify and bless the update.

From my perspective it’s about new users.

A new user hears about 2.8 final, checks it out, then goes to the Tools page and filters on 2.8. He/she hasn’t been reading the forum so doesn’t know (or care) that 2.7 tools may (or may not work) with 2.8 so they simply don’t download the old tools. Or they do, but the auto-upgrade doesn’t work and they get frustrated and confused

Sure the Tools site could be improved, but it won’t be any time soon, so for now the best thing is to repackage and upload a new version ASAP.


I know I know I know.

Been busy in the real world recently.

I will be updating my tools gradually, testing them and uploading them soon.

I believe these tools of mine autoupdate successfully:

If anyone has experienced any errors with any of the above tools in 2.8 please post them in this thread.

New versions of other tools are also on their way…

I would LOVE to see more 2.8 versions of the various Renoise tools.

On a side-note, I’d like to see the semi-primitive step-sequencer TOOL developed further, although it should NEVER be an integrated part of Renoise, as I’m one of those die-hard tracker fans that believe Renoise should remain an (advanced) tracker. Tools like step-sequencers should always be “extra equipment”. If Renoise wasn’t (THE BEST) tracker then it qould be just another DAW.

I use Renoise because it is a tracker - AND I do enjoy all the new features :slight_smile:

Back to topic: 2.8 tools would be awesome!


Poor Paketti, doesn’t have an icon or a link to it’s own discussion thread?

Attachment 3148 not found.


It’s actually quite difficult to try and describe all the features and functions of it so that the first few lines don’t make the reader fall asleep. I’m yet to be able to figure out what kind of a graphic would show it off best. i guess animated gifs are not allowed.

I was thinking about more of these images in this first post:

paketti has icon

eg: http://www.renoise.com/tools/scale-finder

one of my favorite tools. works fine in 2.8, but not updated on site yet…