Mxb 2.8 Tool Upgrade Discussion


I’ve created this thread to keep everything combined with updating some of my lesser used tools for Renoise version 2.8.

These tools are:

While I think version 2.8 automatically upgrades all of these tools successfully, actual user feedback to confirm would be appreciated.

Therefore, if you have any of these tools installed on Renoise 2.8 and are getting errors that were not present in Renoise 2.7 can you please post them in this thread.

I’ll also look at giving these tools a bit of a polish as they are upgraded in turn.

Additionally, support for some other tools will be dropped. These tools are considered “end of life’d (EOL)” and will not be unmaintained. I cannot support maintaining such a large number of tools and for some I no longer have the hardware required.

The EOL (unmaintained) tools are:
Frontier AlphaTrack support


[edit: Added informatation about End Of Life’d tools]

Additional file formats import works fine in 2.8. Just as in 2.7.

However, it doesn’t seem to import finetuning (and maybe also semitone settings) for akp’s. Would love an update for this.

# Freeze Track #

Seems to work, no real problems.

Some things I noticed.

  • If you don’t rename your tracks (Track 01, Track 02, Track 03, …), then you Freeze Track 03, then you insert a new track to the left of Track 03, Renoise will rename Track 03 to Track 04 and you can never unfreeze it because it won’t be found. Was this always the case? I don’t remember

  • When you freeze a track, the created instrument has a redundant Sample Keyzone covering every octave and pointing a sample named (None). Was this always the case? I don’t rememeber.


# Additional File Format Support #

Seems to work, no real problems.


I’d rather see one error at the end (i.e. 36 samples could not be loaded…) instead of 36 error dialogues that I have to manually get rid of, then the error message. Was this always the case? I don’t remember.


# Batch Rendering #

This one doesn’t work? In all these my tests, it would only render, like, half a second of audio then move on to the next file. It would also tell me it’s done, but then load the last file and do something else.


# SysEx Librarian #

Did not test. I don’t have any gear that uses .syx files.


Good times.

Freeze Track

Render through the master track.
Signal goes like this : frozen track->master track (and all effects on master)


Turn off all enabled effects on master for a render time, if scripting API only allows scripts to render through the master track.

Yes, automatic track renaming is new in 2.8. I’ll have a think of a way around it. Also look at the superfluous keymapping.

This is a Renoise error that fires when I ask Renoise to load a sample. Nothing can be done in the tool about this.

I’ll have another look.

Same. Any testers around?

I’ll consider this, but first priority is to port stable versions to 2.8 before adding new features.


I’d also be interested in someone testing Track Groups. I totally forgot about that last night while playing around. E.g. trying to freeze the equivalent of the SEND in a Group? Etc.


Tested. Works. Gives “Send Tracks Not Supported” type message. Yay.

Ill try to test the sysex tool if i can find some time today.

Sysex librarian working perfect.

I can confirm this :)

SysEx Librarian and Additional File Formats support updated.

Are you planning to update, optimize the ‘freeze track’ tool so it wont render empty track sections before or in between the ‘sounding’ track bits (maybe through cutting away the silence(s) in the rendered sample, or only render track portions which contain note events))? Then smartly place the rendered samples across the track sequence, instead of one large rendered sample with a lot of redundant space.

I’ve made a request in the actual tool thread, but you’ve never replied as I guess you’re busy working on other stuff. Anyway, the current freezing is cool, but it could be pimped imo, for example using an addition render mode called selection in matrix or sequencer or something. Keep up the good work! :drummer:

what happened to the script “pattern split” ? I can not find it

Sorry about not replying, I sometimes see something, aim to reply later, and then get distracted.

I will do a direct port of the freeze track tool as it is now to get the same basic functionality working.

However, there are improvements that can be done at a later date.

I don’t know this tool? was it written by someone else?

That tool just cutting pattern anywhere

It was done by IT-Alien, then bleego took it over and made this follow up tool (Renoise 2.6 only): -> Improved Tool: Pattern Splitter Plus

Thnx i have split plus, but i want and another version “pattern split” because he need me for another action. Have nice day

I have updated the Freeze Track tool for 2.8.

I’m confused with batch rendering though.

Any developers able to shine any light on this?

It looks like the render call is returning too early, but yet it works for Freeze Track. :huh:

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I’ve been taking a look at the Batch Render tool again. I fixed it once before to support the changes to the interpolation options.
I’ve spent some time on it today, and I’m stumped about how either additional notifiers or implementing an observable like app_new_document_observable could help, or where they should be added.
It looks like rendering is initiated, since the .wav files are created in batch, but each .wav is only a few KB, as if rendering is interrupted and the new song is loaded without waiting for the previous render to complete.

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Any chance that the File Format support tool can be upgraded for 3.x? Auto-upgrading fails:

ScriptingTools: Script with the ID 'com.mxb.FileFormats' is NOT compatible and can't be auto-upgraded because of token(s) 'selected_sample, has_file_import_hook, add_file_import_hook'. Disabling the tool...