Upgrading Pc

Ok I currently have a Athlon XP-3800 (2.4 ghz single core) with 2 gigs of 667 memory.

My motherboard is still excellent so I decided to go with:

Athlon XP 4600+ (2.4 ghz dual-core) and 4 gigs of Corsair XMS DDR 800 memory.

I am mainly doing this because I am really starting to enjoy getting into video editing and I thought by having a dual core it would allow me to do other things while my videos convert/render without things being a snails pace.

I am also assuming the 4 gigs of ram (evidently xp will only take advantage of 3.5 gigs of it) will also make video editing a lot smoother.

Can any of you tell me if you video edit and know the difference 2-4 gigs would make? Just want to know if this was a wise purchase.

I know, buy first, ask questions later?


Oh and I am picking up a 500 gb samsung spinpoint dr. I get a little nervous when my drives start to get old. This will allow me to throw away my two IDE drives and just keep my existing 320 gig barracuda which is only about a year and a half old.

My IDEs I am certain are ready to take a dirt nap. 820 gigs should be plenty…for now…