Uploaded tool renamed


While uploading my first public tool (http://www.renoise.com/tools/gotonextfxonoff) something struck me as odd. I was informed that my tool had been renamed “for security reasons” from it’s original filename dk.atte.GotoNextFxOnOff_0_1.xrnx to dk.atte_.GotoNextFxOnOff_0_1.xrnx (which is what the tool is named if downloaded from the tools page), so basically it has an underscore added.

I find this new filename a bit ugly and not in line with other tools users can download from the tools page…

Why did this happen and how can I avoid it?

This has also happened with at least one other tool author. It seems to be a security thing in Drupal, intended to help prevent malicious file uploads. It’s probably just a simple misconfiguration somewhere, resulting in .xrnx files not being properly white listed. We’ll have to take a closer look at it.

Ok, thanks.

So it’s out of my hands, good to know. Could you get back to me on this, when the closer look has been taken?

Yes that happened with my tools too. So while you’re at it, please fix that for me as well. Thanks!

We’ll obviously try to get this fixed, but please keep in mind that it’s just a minor cosmetic issue with the filename, and nothing more. Your tool is not affected in any other way, and it will still install to the user’s system with the correct/intended name, so hopefully this is not too annoying for you guys in the meantime.

So auto update should work across different file names?

So auto update should work across different file names?

Yeah, it should work. Your tool is identified by the Id set in its Manifest.xml file, not by its filename.

Ok, any idea why the download counter was reset when I uploaded new version, then?

I was careful with the id…

Any news on the automatic rename of tools? Just happened again today…