Upper Frame Interface Suggestion

At the moment there are three modes of viewing the upper frame: hidden, more and less. I’ve realized I often unconsciously try to drag frame border with mouse to set it’s height. Would it be possible to make this frame resizeable?

my uneducated guess would be: no. thats a job for vector(graphic)s and i cant see them in renoise.

I don’t know the technical details but notice that you can freely resize the pattern arranger which is obviously a part of renoise ;) Then why wouldn’t one resize the upper frame?

The upper frame already has provisions to be resizeable, as evidenced by the “bug” where binding a keyboard shortcut for “switch to scopes” and triggering it after “more” is toggled on in diskop will give you fullscreen scopes / sprectrum analysis.

So basically I think the restriction is only there because the ramifications of unlocking it haven’t fully been worked through yet.

No vector graphics required :)