Uprising [Bitpop] Tribute to Muse - C64 & Atari 2600 (2 Versions)

I have two versions of this song for you today. :slight_smile: The first one is my usual MOS6581 sound chip based version and then the Atari 2600 (VCS) version.

Made with C64 sounds exclusively + vocals

This is one of those Glam Rock song that I just like. Some of Muse’s other songs may be worth trying to Bitpop as well. Lots of filters and square waves here in this one. Also, A special Atari 2600 (TIA Chip) version is on its way.



Made with Atari 2600 (VCS) sounds + vocals

This is my experimental first attempt at using the sounds from an Atari 2600. I hope you enjoy this blast from a further past.

This is truly an experimental piece.

Trying my hand at Bitpop using the TIA Chip from the late 70’s Atari 2600(VCS) home console.

This is back in the day as an assembly programmer you had to sync your code to the electron beam of the CRT to render anything.

Apart from using a custom sound chip like Pitfall-II did, even with audio you “raced the beam” to modulate the squeaky sound channels of TIA chip.

It time to race the beam…

Made with reckless abandon + love,