Urban Terror

While searching for a semi-decent, free Linux game I found Urban Terror. There have been some threads about it previously but that was back in 2008.

Since it’s free, multiplatform and fairly decent I was wondering if any other Renoise users would be interesting in having an occasional shootout?

It makes a change from idling on IRC on a Friday night! :P

NB: Don’t worry, we are also not very good :)

I’m in!
And I’m so bad that peeps often mistake me for a bot :wink:

i love urban terror. riyadh an algiers are my favorite levels

We had a test run yesterday evening. (Thanks Suva).

Personally, I had a lot of fun and would like to do it again.

I had a server up yesterday, and can start it any time. I don’t know how good it was, but people seemed to get fairly decent ping. We were originally planning a little shootout today as well, so I will probably start the server again.

I also have nexuiz classic server installed. It’s also free and available on all platforms. Might try that too.

last night’s ut session was really nice. should do that more often! and as suva mentioned, we can also try nexuiz.
i hope today we could actually try it and maybe add it to our “renoise channel game list”.

it would be awesome if some other ppl joined, so we would have 6:6 matches or something like that.

Search for “Cly/Suva Renoise Server” in Nexuiz

… also the Urban Terror server is up at the moment

as mxb already announced in the #renoise irc channel, tonight, 8pm UTC+1, we will have an urban terror game on the Cly/Suva Renoise Server.

see you there!

Hey, this is Q3-based, right? Wow. Just might have to try this some time. I managed to wrestle myself out of the “total newbie” status in Quake Live a couple of years back. Then I took a mac to the knee. Hope this would be a little more responsive/tweakable so I could accommodate it to my not-for-gaming system.

Yup, it’s quake 3 based, multiplatform and free!

As it works on my elderly P4, it will work on any computer post 2000 :)

Game is running

Managed to install, setup and actually do a short training session with bots yesterday. Bunnyhopping is slowly coming back to muscle memory. The weaponry and weapon control in general seems strange, also the injury system and stamina, and the fact that there’s no respawning pickups. And,I’ve always just played FFA, nothing team based… Other than that, seems like an A-ok way to kill some time after getting the smallfolk to bed.

Oh, yeah. 125fps seemed to be the norm on my 2010 mac(!!). Some maps dropped it though.