Usb Hubs


I think I’m in need of more ports than my macbook can give me, and I’m fed up of choosing between a mouse, midi controller, or hard drive.

It seems like a really boring subject, and i’m sure anyone would be fine, but does anyone have any recommendations, or even advice for things to look for?

I’m a bit paranoid about hard drives failing, and I don’t want a hub to cut one off before I can eject it, and I lose all my data. (can that even happen?) and I’d like to plug in my midi controllers and audio interfaces which need power.

So does anyone have any feelings about usb hubs?

It would be appreciated. I trust you guys.

The only thing you have to know is that a hub still uses the bandwith that the port can give. It will be devided over the devices you plug in it.

This doesn’t matter muh for a mouse/ keyboard or other ‘not so demanding’ devices. (likely your midi controller will also do fine)

A harddrive or an audio card. things that tranfer a lot of data, will suffer from this and maybe even not work properly.

Really? that’s bollocks.

Is there another option?

Thanks for replying though.

Dr. Drips is right.

Don’t plug an audio interface to a USB hub, bad sound guaranteed.

Anyway it is something that you need, so, I will tell you that I got this Logitech, it comes with a power adapter and 4 ports. You can use it to plug an ipod, a mouse, a thumb drive, a midi controller or whatever. Any USB-powered device can be safely plugged without problems.

It can be also used without the power adapter but it becomes unstable, I’ve seen my iPod stopping a sync sometimes because of no power.