Usb Keyboards & Renoise

Hi all,

I’m considering picking up a Radium 49 key USB keyboard to use with Renoise 1.5 (or above).

Now, before I look into it any further, I just wanted to check to see if there were any known issues with USB keyboards & Renoise, and also to see if you guys could recommend me some alternatives to the Radium??

Are there a lot of things you have to configure to get them working correctly with Renoise?

Having never connected a device like that to a pc myself I’d like to know what sort of problems I could possibly face.

I’m looking for 49 Keys (due to space limitations), and my budget is limited to about £150 :(

I just really want to be sure that whatever keyboard I pick up in the end, that its going to work straight away, and without too many hiccups.

Cheers for your thoughts!!


m-audio products are pretty solid, just install the drivers, attach keyboard, load renoise & set the controller in the renoise prefs an it should work fine.

just remember that before hand you must always turn on the keyboard first before you run renoise. if not then you will need to restart renoise.(same goes with any External midi devices)

Have a look at
this thread.

Choice beat me to it. But yeah, it’s that simple. The only thing I’ve noticed that isn’t working exactly as I’d expect is this:
I haven’t tested this thoroughly because I haven’t been working on any real projects for a while, just playing around with the knobs and stuff. When I actually manage to write something down while jamming and load up the module later, the MIDI controller knobs that I’ve usually assigned to some VstiAutomateDevice sliders don’t work. Although the sliders are colored to indicate that the knobs are assigned to them, they simply aren’t responding UNTIL I start MidiRemoteMapper again. I’m not sure if that alone will fix it or do I have to touch the knobs and sliders too.

Thats put my mind at ease, I hoped it would be as easy as you guys say it is, and I believe what you say, so I’ll get myself a keyboard sooner rather than later!

Thanks a lot fellas!

Stu :D

yea midi works great wit renoise… i got a mpd 16, using it 2 get true drum dynamics…among other things

I have an M-Audio Oxygen 8, and the few times I actually bother to plug it in (hard to break those old qwerty keyboard habits) it works like a dream in Renoise.

If you are not a pianist or keyboardplayer I think you should get a Creative Prodikeys. Because then you will have very close acess to your normal keyboard with shortcuts to start/stop recording etc.

I got a evolution but I found that I don’t use it that much because, you cant assign things like start/stop recording to the midikeyboard. So I also got myself a prodikeys which I use much more often.

i have m-audio keystation 61es and it works perfect. (that keyboard dont have much knobs/sliders to assign tweak though)

about prodikeys, hmm i dont know… i would rather get small midi keyboard with full size, velocity sensitive keys…


i have the black version of that multi keyboard and even though its pretty cool, there is problems with it. one of them is that the midi is routed through the ps/2 keybaord port which makes it useless to a mac user and some laptops.
i found the only way to be able to use it on my thinkpad was to get a docking station for the thinkpad and now it does work.(which completely defeats the purpose of a laptop) if you mistakenly press the music note button that they so gracefully put right under the mod wheel it freezes renoise and opens up there goofy kids toys of a program!
another thing is it did some crazy shit an i couldnt use the qwerty keyboard on both the laptop and the prodikeys until reboot.
but other then that it seems if you dont use both the qwerty and the midi keyboard at the same time there wont be any problems.

it is cool to be able to use the octave buttons too.

i have a fat ass red renoise sticker on the keyboard cover also! B)

I have the Radium 61 USB.

It works perfekt!


I have the ekeys 49 evolution and it works great…

only one big thing that i hate… It HAS NO KNOBS AND SLIDERS!! DAMNIT I MISS THOSE… so i need to buy a new midi keyboard.

I’m gonna buy a MIDI keyboard, in the purpose to learn to play better. But I was thinking if it’s really worth to buy a MIDI keyboard with all those features as sliders and knobs… Do they even work in Renoise?

Why, certainly! Check this thread.


So, is there any nice site that I can search more in depth of what I’m looking for?

How well does Creative Prodikeys works with Renoise? Am I able to to map the octave +/- keys on the keyboard as the octave +/- features in Renoise?

Depends on what you’re looking for ;)…oardcontrollers

I have the old evolution 249 C MK2 and I´m still satisfied.

you dont have to map them it already works!
only thing tho when i was using it, there was an occasion that it completely messed up, i think i was using Gmedia’s Minimonsta when it happened. it was enough that i had to reboot.

the other thing bad about it is that theres a button on it kinda close to where you hand would be that if you press it, it will load up this really childish Creative program that seems to take forever to load, will most likely mess up the session of renoise.
that program seems to be connected with the driver you have to install also.

other than those it works pretty decent.

i was looking around for any new cool key controllers and was thinking about getting one of these:

cheapest i could find it was 200USD with free shipping.

oh yeah its a CME uf5 49 key.

Yeah I was looking around and found the CME model as well! People say it’s the best, for that kind of money.
However I think I want at least the CME CMUF6 with 61 keys, as I want to learn to play better.

hmm, i didnt know that it was regarded that highly.

the thing is, i cant for the life of me figure out what that thing is that looks like an xy controller on the top mid right!?
it looks to me like an xy controller joystick, but its not listed anywhere in any specs ive ran across. only thing i could come up with is that it somehow relates to the firewire MLan expansion board?
but, i would so much rather have it be an xy controller.
i know it would look terriffic with a big fat renoise sticker on it B)
i just wish the Progikeys worked with my ibook! it for instance looks great with the sticker on it.