Usb mic recommendations

Hi. I was wondering if anyone uses a USB mic to capture audio in the sample recorder function. I have a Beyerdynamics fox but renoise says it can’t use it cuz it’s a mono capture. I’m guessing a stereo USB mic of some kind would work but I’m curious if anyone else has had good results with a particular mic. Thanks.

How are you connecting your current mic, through a soundcard input? The fact that it is mono shouldn’t matter at all. I can record mono inputs just fine. You can toggle between mono and stereo signals for example in the line input device.

Do you get an error notice, if so what? Perhaps you can share the content of renoises log file for more hints.

I have no experience with usb mics, wonder if the drivers wouldn’t conflict with external soundcard drivers, if you can use one for input signals, the other for just output.

When I connect mics using my audio interface (presonus) everything works fine. I recently purchased a Beyerdynamics fox USB mic for quick and portable way to add audio. That’s when I encountered the error. Its not a big deal but I love renoise cuz it’s like a groovebox I can take anywhere so I like to get away from my studio desk often. I’m going to try out my zoom h1n today as a USB mic since its a stereo mic.

Is there a way you could use asio4all drivers with that usb-mic, somehow circumvent the original drivers?

Another suggestion: tried Jack?

I don’t think it’s a driver issue. It seems like renoise needs at least 2 inputs on a device. It works fine on bitwig. Not really a huge deal so I’m not going to spend much time trying to fix it.

Hey hey. Jack I think would work but I don’t use jack cuz it’s really clunky on my os. Thanks!