Usb Midi Device In Renoise

I know Renoise handles MIDI to some extent, but i was wondering if it handles Usb MIDI in?

Im getting a ‘Behringer U-CONTROL UMX61’. (61-Key MIDI Controller)
It’s a USB MIDI Velocity sensitive keyboard and im wondering if Renoise will detect it. (Renoise 1.9) in the MIDI IN-Device.
Does anyone here use a USB MIDI device already or do you in the Renoise team know this works/wont work?

normally USB MIDI controllers should work. I own a Behringer BCR2000 controller which can work via both MIDI and USB ports, and they both work.

however, there is a limitation under Windows: the controller cannot be plugged in when Renoise is already running: Renoise will not recognize it.
It’s a Windows limitation.

I do intend to keep the keyboard plugged in at all times :)
whoa, thats great news. Thanks :walkman:

I have a simple casio ctk691 connected through this tiny usb-device UM-1EX

I have a one channel UNO midi in/out usb interface which works perfect with Renoise.
I would say that if windows renonize your midi interface, renoise will renconize it


M-Audio Oxygen8 v2 works great aswell. I guess any device will work :)

2nd that on the oxygen8, even older version works (i have v1).

I have Midiman MidiSport 4x4 USB (now M-Audio). Works perfectly since years.

m audio xsession pro and novation se25 no problems at all (except with windows wanting drivers when i plug them into different ports on the usb hub - its class compliant you microspaz)