Usb Midi Interface


Will a Steinberg MIDEX 8 USB interface work with vista and Renoise??

Does Renoise support LTB??

"LTB can only be used with Steinberg Cubase VST, Cubase SX/SL, and Nuendo products, and products that support the LTB protocol! "

Looking to buy a interface but it needs to work with Renoise.
And yes i like to have 128 channels…


Renoise does not support this protocol.
It supports WDM and MME.

LTB is a proprietary timing protocol:

It looks like they try to advert this protocol as the better one and the examples shows some latency.
For Windows this may be true regarding MME (WDM is really faster and likely less latency differences between LTB and WDM would be noticable), for Mac and Linux, LTB would not make a real difference as those systems have low latency communication with external MIDI gear. Perhaps if you would have a lot of midi devices, it would make some difference but then all those devices should support LTB as well and that is probably where the limitation starts.

For the VST protocol, there is an SDK freely available, yet for the LTB
protocol i can’t find any stuff.

OK, thanks for fast answer:-)

PS. any tips for what would be the best usb midi interface with 8x8 midi channels that would work in Renoise/vista?

I know you have to carefully watch out which chipset your Main board has, but other than that you can better rely on the answer of users that have a USB MIDI device.

Seaquest : If you can get hold of one, try to find a Edirol UM-880. Unfortunately it has been discontinued, but Vista drivers are available. A very competent MIDI-interface anyhow.

OK, thanks to all, will search for a used Edirol UM-880, it looks like a good and solid interface.