Usb Midi Keyborad Controller

Guys, am pretty new to Renoise, so just a quick question.

Can you use a MIDI keyboard controller (like the likes of M-Audio Oxygen or O2) with Renoise? I’m thinking of buying one and would be good to be able to use it with the tracker.

Sorry if that’s a silly question, but you know…am pretty new to Renoise…you know… :)


yes, you can attach any MIDI controller to ReNoise via a standard MIDI port


I suppose a USB MIDI controller will work as well.

Cheers It-Alien


…there are some limitations though. In short you can play/record notes, record pitch bend and map knobs to sliders in Renoise. This is 99% of what you do, so the limitations are not a big thing…

You have no use for buttons on your MIDI keyboard atm. So things like play/stop/mute/next pattern/whatever (i.e. Renoise shortcuts) cannot be controlled with a MIDI keyboard. There has also been some suggestions to control several Renoise sliders with one knob on your MIDI keyboard - this is also not possible atm.

Yes :) And I forgot, two MIDI controllers are supported at once.

Ah Johan, that’s great, these will do me just fine!

Cheers for all the help guys!