Usb Multiple Out Asio Soundcard

Hi all! I’m new to Renoise, and so far I love it. And the things I missed from ModPlug seem to have been added in 1.5. :yeah:

I’m looking to buy a decent used laptop, as I intend to gig with it, and a USB multiple outs ASIO soundcard. Sort of had my eye on the GIGAPort AG. 8 outputs would be nice indeed as I want to use a bunch of hardware effects and stuff.

Does anyone have any experience of this or similar USB ASIO devices? I haven’t managed to find a whole lot of reviews. Only the same sales pitch over and over.

Would 8-channel ASIO require more of the computer, or is that mostly dealt with within the soundcard? I’m thinking a used ~1Ghz, ~512Mb laptop would have a decent price and do the trick. I don’t want my computer to choke and render all those channels useless. I don’t plan to use loads of instruments and effects as I’ll be adding a lot of sounds/effects through hardware. Any thoughts? I’d greatly appreciate any input on this.

don’t know exactly but the gigaport seems to be USB 1.0 only … not the best choice for pro quality 8 channel output (too low banwith with usb 1.0) … look for usb 2.0 or firewire solutions.

for sample-playback only, without effects, 1 ghz should be enough but more is better … B)

I’m getting some unexpected money from Dell who finally caved in and accepted my demand for a refund. A Dell sales person actually lied to me about their handhelds connectability. But now I’m getting my money back. So I plan to use them on a better laptop. :D

Thanks for the input. That crossed my mind too, usb 1 isn’t very fast. I’ll ask if I can try it out. I’m not too fuzzy about “pro” quality, as long as it sounds ok. But I’ll keep an eye out for usb 2 and firewire devices.

Anyone got any suggestions? 6-outs might also be enough for me “but more is better”. And 2 in wouldn’t hurt. :rolleyes:

If 6 outs is ok on 16 bit-48 Khz che cheapest card is terratec 26 USB.
but all the soundcards )exept for edirol( are usb 1.
so when you have multiple output they all go down to 16 bit to lower the data stream in the USB Bus.
FireWire is a good alternative.

It says that the GIGAPort AG has 24-bit D/A converters. Can usb1.0 really handle 8 channels of 24-bit sound? Anyway, 16-bit might be enough for me, I’m no audiophile. But still, I might afford something better.

Terratec seems to be a 24-bit, 96kHz card? Am I missing something? :unsure:

.'s and ,'s please.