Use Channel Aftertouch Like Poly-At

Would be really nice to use channel aftertouch like polyphonic aftertouch - much easier to edit afterwards and could be used to control volume of xrni’s.

Extra checkbox in midi settings would be enough for this. “Use channel aftertouch as polyphonic aftertouch on active column”

They are two different parameters both defined by MIDI Standards and you can not use one as the other! Channel Pressure (Aftertouch) by definition is not Polyphonic for a start!

Being able to assign Channel Pressure to a parameter within the Instrument Settings (EG Env Amt if ever added or LFO Rate) for currently playing Instrument could be a good idea though. But your suggestion makes no sense and makes me think you don’t understand the different, or possibly what Polyphonic means, and why both exist.

I do understand the difference. I’m just saying it would make sense to be able to send channel at data to volume/velocity column, like it’s possible with poly at.

With how velocity (volume) column currently works with xrni what is wrong with using the Channel Volume command for this? 03xx.

Being able to actually assign aftertouch/channel pressure to instrument parameters would be much more useful in my opinion.

I really don’t get your problem - why defend less versatile way. It’s not like you were forced to tick that box.

Anyway, benefits of channel at to vol/vel column (on active current track column) compared to current implementation:
-Can control xrni volume
-You could record poly at data to certain parts by putting ‘cursor’ to correct column, pressing record record, play and single note on midi keyboard.
-Trigger Velocity Tracker
-Much nicer to edit imo

Actually now that I think it would be even better if you could record pretty much anything you want to vel/vol column (like midi cc knob movement).

I don’t have a problem, all I have said is I don’t understand in what way it would be beneficial over using the 03xx command, which would do basically the same as setting channel pressure for all instruments.

Or do you mean set it for a single note column, rather than for all note in the track, and then thus could delete the channel pressure/track volume command? It’s the doing it to all notes just seems weird…

I think I see slightly now. You are talking specifically for when Recoring from MIDI right? Currently the Channel Pressure does nothing. Recording it to Pattern Command does nothing. 03xx is still the closest analogue of CC03 so mapping to 03xx for internal Instruments would almost make more sense, except it assumes you have only one Instrument in a Track.

Also, this is quite a specific thing and something that very much falls within the API (at least processing after recording at touch of a button) so personally I see it as much more a thing for being Scripted than included natively. I much more hope that both Channel Pressure and Aftertouch get added into the Instruments options!

Ok, I see now what the problem is :)

Yes I’m talking about recording midi. Recording channel aftertouch command coming from midi input to renoise as poly at to currently active note column.