Use Keypad 0 For Shortcut To Instrument Editor When A Sample Is Select

Hi there, I’ve got a little suggestion.

For opening VST windows you can press the keypad 0 to open/close it’s window (of course you’ll need to select it in the instrument list). I constantly notice I press the same button for samples, but the key doesn’t have any function in this case. Would it be possible to enable the keypad 0 to forward you to the instrument editor of the selected sample?

I think it would come in handy :)

+1 suggested it in the past, would be useful and consistent

awesome, awesome idea

+1. useful shortcut.


Just out if curiousity (sorry for the huge bump)… Did this recommendation end up on a to-do list or anything? Otherwise we got to keep pushing because I really think this is a simple but nice idea ;)

double mouseclicking on the sample in the instr.list takes you to the instr.editor now.

Fair enough!

thanks :)

I thought it always did?

dunno, just noticed it :)

Sorry for the huge bump. I’ve got another consistency feature request on this subject.

When you press keypad 0 on a sample you now go to the automation section, just as I requested, that’s awesome :).

However, I think it would be nice if the same key can be used to switch back to the pattern view as well. Just like opening/closing the VST window :).

You mean instrument envelope section, not automation.

yes. I think the feature would be consistent for that one.

this one gets my +1

Bump. Did one of the developers read the second request? :rolleyes: