Use multiple instances of Renoise

Hello, I’m looking to do Live with Renoise. For this, I try to drive several instances of Renoise. I came across this tutorial that I’m sharing with you but unfortunately, I still can’t get this mode to work with a session of Renoise as a Master which controls the other sessions as a slave like the artist Hitori (-> https:// Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn (Hitori Tori drum improvisation) - YouTube). If you have any ideas, I would be very interested. Here is the tutorial I found:
"I am now able to mix several pieces of music composed with renoise. This implies that the machine used is efficient and that the sound card is too!
You must first install a virtual driver: LoopBe1
First step: open a first instance of renoise (We will call it ‘Master’) go to the ‘Midi’ preference menu and adapt the ‘Midi clock Master’

Second step: open two other instances of renoise (We will call them ‘Slave1’ and ‘Slave2’) go to the ‘Midi’ preference menu and adapt the ‘Midi clock Slave’

Third step: In the two slave instances go to the ‘Audio’ preference menu and adapt ‘Device Settings’. Attention has the latency it must be weak (not too much if not crcrcr…in the helmet and the baffles) if necessary to use the buffer harware.

Fourth step: launch the ‘play mode’ reading of the Master instance.
Voila, you can now load music tracks in the Slave1 and Slave2 instances and mix them. We can consider Slave1 and Slave2 as two decks which are synchronized by the Master clock. If you want to adjust the tempo, just go to the Master instance to adapt it (correct the BMP). Of course you can open as many Slave instances as you want… but beware of the surprise processor overload problem.
I will add to the midi mixer a tempo controller which will be sent to the Master and two pots for controlling the total volume of Slave1 and Slave2.


I just tried this and could not get the slave to respond to the master instance. I wonder why?

Is there a chance there’s another app in the background that’s a ReWire host controlling the bpm/sync of all Renoise instances?

Not in my case.

Not for me too…on the other hand, like Hitori, I would like to use controller (like my Maschine or/and Maschine Jam) to control the differents instances… But hey… step by step, I should already be able to make the different Renoise instances work together coherent way…

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By searching a bit, I have just had a little more details on the technical side of using Renoise with several instances… On the other hand, I have a new question… Can Asio manage several instances in same time? because as soon as I open a new instance of Renoise, I get an Asio error message: "Failed to initialize the ASIO driver (reason: Can not found a device. Please connect the device.).
Please make sure that the device is properly connected and that the driver is not used by another application.
It may be just a setting in my ASIO settings … If someone can help me, I would be interested.

I use ASIO FLEX for this reason. Wasapi and Directsound also seem to work for me. ASIO can only play audio out of one device and if you google this obvious issue people on forums will say “thats on purpose” as if its good or useful.

It seems to work! Amazing ! Thank you so much ! I’m going to do new more precise tests but for now, no more conflict between the different instances with this FlexASIO…Top!