Use Redux as an FX Processor?

(clirke21) #1

Hey guys,

hope this hasn’t been asked before, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to mute the track that I’m sending the audio from in order to have a purely wet signal? I want to use redux as an FX-processor, sending stuff in, using the Line-In, then processing it. The problem though is that I can still hear the dry signal even if, for example, I completely bitcrush it. Does the problem lie within Redux and the Line-In module? Because even if I’m not sending the source to the master, I can still hear the dry signal and there seems to be no way to mute it properly…Also tried it using Renoise and Jackrouter without luck.

This may be a really basic question, but most of the tutorials I have watched on this didn’t really address this (and on some of the forum threads there was no reply).

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I figured out a way to do this in Reaper using another channel (Reaper => jack => Renoise => Line In => Send => Back to Reaper (different channel). Is there a way to do this on the same channel though without hearing the signal doubled with the dry signal? Then I’d be set!

Edit 2: Figured it out completely now, just use ReaInsert + Jackrouter + Renoise (probably can’t be done using Redux).

Setup Hardware Sends => Jack => Renoise => Line In => Sends => Process it => Output thru Jack => use output channels as Hardware Returns. Done.