Use Renoise as an AWESOME Looping Pedal?

Hi all–

I’ve recently discovered the joys of using a loop pedal – especially how I can just set a loop to play and continuously record in overdub mode, adding layers, never stopping to click in and out to futz with tracks or anything.

I’ve tried doing this in Renoise and, though I can get close, it still requires me taking my hands off the guitar and mousing and typing, bringing me out of the groove.

What are your best tricks for hitting record and just building a groove up from a basic idea in Renoise? What’s the best way to replicate the workflow of a loop pedal (like the Boss LoopStation) using Renoise (and maybe a keyboard shortcut or an external MIDI command or two)?

[[Bonus points for how you would use Renoise for a live loop-based improvisation session!]]



This has been discussed here before…many moons ago! Renoise would be the mother of all loop pedals

Duplexhas the Recorder, which is my take on a Renoise loop, improvisation tool.

Works with iPhone, Android, Launchpad and a bunch of other things :slight_smile:
Here is a link to themanual,