Usecases for #Sidechain device

Hello fellow Renoisers,

i openend this thread to see what usecases you might have for the new #Sidechain device.

Cheers !

To make use of the new VST3 and Sidechaining support i made this little Crossfade plugin.


As one can guess, it crossfades between Sidechain and Input signals in a similar fashion as DJ mixers do :
Mix hard left > Sidechain 100% | Input 0%
Mix centered > Sidechain 100% | Input 100%
Mix hard right > Sidechain 0% | Input 100%

Let me know if anyone has a use for it!

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Sounds super useful! How do we install that?

I will leave a download link here later on.

Also a sidechain ringmod could be interesting.

Or frequency domain based effects to combine two signals in various ways :
I am thinking about porting some (realtime capable) tools from CDP and make them into plugins.


You can grab the Crossfade plugin here .


please do. that would be awesome. I never managed to figure out how to install CDP and it seems like there are some useful tools/processes there

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The best of them working offline by nature since they require access to the entire sample.
Anyways, i am mainly interested in those convolution style effects which use a second input signal. Quite heavy on the CPU but we will see.

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