Useless Statistics About Mutant Breaks Contests


Now that there are 10 MBC, I wanted to make some analysis.

For today, only a few very basic statistics:

  • Number of tracks : 226
  • Total duration : 939.14 minutes (15.65 hours)
  • Average duration : 4.16 minutes (more than most of the current mainstream tunes)
  • Minimum time : 1.04 minutes (JBL - Mother Neptune 2) (MBC09)
  • Maximum time : 22.61 minutes (Monsieur Cartouche - Bovine Acid Jungle) (MBC06)
  • Average composers per contest : 22.6 (this one was EZ to calculate)
  • Average duration for a contest : 93.9 minutes (more than a music CD duration each year)

Tomorrow, I begin some more useless (or interesting) statistics with nice 3D graphics.

Now I would like to know if there will be a MBC11 or not…



I knew this was coming. 3D graphics sounds nice !!!

and interesting stats btw, thanks

OK… It seems a bit more complex as I was expecting…

So no nice 3D graphics for today but only ugly 2D ones!

I will be back soon because I’m sure I can do better.

What can we conclude?

There are absolutely no rules about tracks per contest.

But the max number has been reached last year for MBC10 with 38 tracks.

So we can conclude that Renoise was still ruling in 2017!

Let’s talk about durations (in minutes).

They seem to follow more or less the number of tracks.

That is normal.

We can only say that 3 MBC were under the hour (MBC01, MBC03, MBC07).

And that 4 MBC were over or equal to the 2 hours (MBC02, MBC06, MBC09, MBC10).

Again, MBC10 wins this statistics.

Now, for those who like colors, same statistics, but with the detail of the 226 tracks!

This is beautiful… useless… but beautiful…

But now my eyes are bleeding… not sure it was a good idea…

GAME : A track of more than 22 minutes appears in this graphics. Can you find it?
HINT : It is in MBC06 in dark green.

HINT : It is […]

NOOOOO - you made it too easy :badteeth:

We need to bring back the spoiler tag (why isn’t that thing working anyway?)

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Fed up of the vertical bars?

By chance, this evening, I try stats with lines.

MIN / AVG / MAX durations per contest.

Wow, a background color!

Perhaps one day I will make really awesome graphics.

But for now, all we can see is that the min duration is always under 3 minutes.

And the average duration is always more or less 4 minutes.

GAME : This graph shows 2 tracks with a duration over 10 minutes, can you find a 3rd one!!?

And now for something completely different.


Today again only basic statistics.

But the last one contains the answer to yesterday’s game.

This time infos are given with authors and titles (based on filenames).

MIN / MAX per contest, then TOP 10 MIN / MAX ever.





That’s all folks!

At least for now… because… this is… yeah… very useless :badteeth:

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Huh, I could have sworn it didn’t work. But … indeed :slight_smile:

Those 2D statsbars are just so nice and informal :ph34r: :drummer: … and it makes me think all those tracks as a whole …

so …

Why not we have somekindof remixcontest of earlier trax/compos???

MBC11 = ‘MutantBeatmixContest1’ :yeah:

But yeah’ ? maybe it would be too difficult to get permission from all the earlier songmakers , or would it ?

Instead of MBC11, lets do MBC10.1 Mountain Lion

MBC11 - Sononym donut.


: O < 3D graphics finally !!! ; D