User Defined Parameter Sliders

I would love to have option, to select what parameter sliders should renoise show for particular plugin, some plugins have million parameters that i don’t really want to use
and some that i tend to use very often, basically, it would be cool if I could decide what parameters for the plugin i want to be able to see and which should be hidden - unless selected “show all” or something like that
this setting should be saved similarly like you can hide/unhide plugins

good point. i rarely use VSTs but when i experimented with them, and with automating them, i ran into the ‘1000 sliders’ problem as well. would be good to have such an option.

Been suggested so many times. I like the variant where you can combine parameters from different DSPs into the same Meta Device, so you can get the important sliders for a full DSP chain on one device and minimize all the rest.

you can of course do this with hydra, the point of the suggestion is, that you often reach for specific plugin, and you often want to use the same parameters to automate or edit, but if it happens to be plugin
with too many editable parameters it can get quite annoying, I believe that this shouldn’t be difficult to implement, it’s only a thing of convinience, but it would be a great help,

actually I just got an idea, perhaps it would be nice , if every plugin had some kind of “favourite” parameters that you could save and renoise would remember it for future…
easy example, imagine some filter plugin , you would set fav1 for cutoff, fav2 for resonance and fav3 for lfo , then you could enter values for these parameters from tracker where 1,2,3 would call it
i think this could help workflow greatly, once set up, you could use these for hydra, signal follower etc

Would it be difficult to implement an Ableton style parameter selection method, where you click a button, then open the actual plugin, and just click on each parameter you want to see, and they show up. Even if that’s not easily possible with Renoise, I still say +1 for this whole idea. Automating DtBlkFX parameters is just ridiculous.

EDIT: I also like the idea of having a meta device where, unlike the Hydra, you have parameters from multiple plugins, but each has their own slider. So instead of one slider controlling a bunch of parameters, it’s a bunch of parameters each with their own slider, in one meta device.

For my personal favourite plugins, I have a bunch of ready-made presets.
Just imagine that this Reverb device was in fact an Instr. Automation device?

Also, in the Renoise mixer you can selectively hide and show the parameters you want :slight_smile:

No you can’t! What I said it exactly the same as selecting which sliders to show, but rather than being a third view in DSP for it (minimised, maximised and select) you have a new Meta Device where you can put Parameter A from Device X, Parameter B, C & D from Device Y and Parameter E from Device Z, then have X, Y & Z all minimised and control the important parameters of all three devices (A, B, C, D & E) from a single DSP interface. How does Hydra let you do that?

Some kind of automation ghosting would have to take place but can’t imagine that is impossible.

Almost mentioned this myself but due to slider being so small and no display of value I thought it inferior enough to a real slider to leave out. Obviously still better than nothing though…

If the favorite parameters showed up as sliders in the effect device box (as opposed to external editor), and in the instrument box, then this system could replace the automation device.

+1 to what kazakore said, i remember a topic that lead to the same ideas followed by dblue making a mockup. a slider-control-device would be awesome.

here you go: Dsp Sub-chains

yeah ok, this is a nice idea too, but it’s not exactly what I meant here,

I am asking for a very simple solution to filter out what parameters in a plugin I want to see and which i prefer to be hidden
I believe this should not be difficult to implement, as it’s only filter thing

that doesn’t mean i don’t support a device like dblue suggested, but it’s apples&oranges really