User Manual Under Construction

Hey all, I’m currently in the process of updating the user manual for v3.0 and since this is a major update, a lot of things are going to be moved around, rewritten or created from scratch (in particular, most images won’t be redone until the end). So it will be a little odd for while, with things missing and some 2.8 - 3.0 content mixing, but it’ll be finished asap and back better than ever.

I do not envy your task.

Will it come with a Scottish accent? :lol:

Good luck, will be a lot of work.

thank you in advance, Achenar !


thanks… I recently am re learning Renoise… From time to time, I go back to the manual

thanks for your hard work Achenar!

A majority of the first impressions from new users lay in the very words you write in this manual.

No pressure! B)