User Offsets Mock Up

Id love to see something like this for user offsets
Dead simple and basic
Most beats can be named with four letters and i suspect most other things can too


you forgot to animate the threshold slider that detects transients in the sample to automatically drop in markers in the sample editor :slight_smile:

I like the naming idea, though wouldn’t it be better to link this with the current 09XX offset patterncommand?

1 I hate auto detecting slicers they are always crappy
2 No linking to the 09xx command is stuck in that resolution


Of course the 09XX command should be updated to be compatible with a higher resolution. There are more threads about this in this forum, to many possibilities…

(About auto detection generally being crappy; I use zero x beatquantizer and think the auto detection in it is spot on. Don’t have problems in recycle as well. I expect Taktik get it right if ever implemented :) )

Wow i love Recycle like you wouldnt believe but damn if its auto slicing is’nt really crappy
I find it much quicker to put the slices in exactly where I want them not where the software wants em

No disrespect to Taktik meant at all but i doubt i would even use it if it where only auto sliced (unless it does something that every other beat slicing app before it couldn’t)


I really like the idea but I’m not sure about the names.

I couldn’t find what you mean in that thread Bantai but i’m interested to know what you mean by sub instrument ?


I’m just kinda lost how you would trigger that ?
When you say sub instrument would that be like an extra couple of digits on the current intrument ?

So if it was currently instrument 01 it would become 0101 0102 0103 and so on in the pattern editor for the user offsets ?

Seems like it could work but at the same time it is making the note column wider
Or do you mean an extra effect command for sub instruments ?

The sub instrument laid out with the markers like i posted above should be really really cool it’s just the actual triggering i’m confused about
I know people may not like my name idea from above but one thing it does give you is instantaneous feedback in pattern

Im interested to see how the whole sub instrument idea would be triggered


I was going to say the same as Bantai. Just not in his word (the better words).
I’d like to see the possibility to insert offsets like bungle shows in his mock-up, and then link them to sub instruments.

If I’m not mistaken by what Bantai means. It will work like a drumkit made out of several offsets instead of separate samples.
So, if the amen break is loaded, you could set up offsets to each part you want triggered. Make a “drum kit”, and then trigger the original sample with C-4, the first offset with C#4, second offset with D-4 and so on.

But. I don’t know what Bantai means with no sample data in the instrument. Would be pointless to load a sample, and then a virtual instrument with only metadata made for that specific sample. This would just complicate things even more for people

A wild guess: since Instruments would linked/nested, you’d have the sample A, and then a meta-instrument B (which in your example would contain the info to trigger sample A with offset X when C is pressed, trigger sample A with offset Y when C# is pressed, etc.)

Yes. Exactly what I tought too. But why separate it? Better to make an XRNI with everything included. You might want to use it again and again

Yes, this would be an awesome way to implement Rx - support…

Slice to sub instrument,
xtract midi from rx file,
paste midi from rx file to track,
(whilst/ before pasting ) change (upward going) notes, to the next sample number, and change the note to C4.

-The “mother” instrument understands all its “child” clips, and the clips can be seen “as one loop” (rx2 - style) in the main editor, and played using 9xxx commands, using the “parent”, as well as beats can be made (using single hits - with their own envelopes) by using the sub-instrument clips.

Perhaps, whilst loading the data to pattern (from rx - the midi groove of the file), it should be selected, wheter the pattern data should be pasted as 09xx data, or as the sub-clips (sample1+sample2+sample3 etc.). (then it could be used in 09xx mode easily as well as single hits, and the rx groove, and beat data would be loaded correctly onto the track)

'Cause yanno, I’m sure he would go to all that trouble to implement user defined offsets only to leave out the ability to define the offsets :huh:

epic facepalm


Yeah a funny quote when out of context like that ;)


I’d rather work with the offsets being mapped to notes like I’ve always done it with instrument slots, quicker than inputting 09xx commands anyway, regardless of resolution.