User Suggested History Log

This is excellent! So good to see this. Many suggestions and ideas get repeated, but generally the ones that make it really don’t get repeated too often. Through an analytical viewpoint, if this thread continues, it can teach us just how to get our ideas & suggestions into Renoise. Along with being able to show a bit of history.

Out of these several posts, I’ve noticed a few things I myself may have taken for granted, and one or two I didn’t even know about.

Good Stuff! :)

Well, not to offend you… but i know what Taktik said about this thing:

“I’ve also added automatic sample selection as soon as you play the assigned key for it. It was easy and it seemed logical to me to add.”
So suggestions do not always end up in Renoise because they were mentioned, they sometimes unintensionally disappear in oblivion. But in your case, logic came to the rescue and got it in eventually :P

I suggested having system specs in the signatures.
Mostly to Bantai’s credit, as he setup the formatting. :)