User Suggested History Log

It would be nice to see who remembers `these little things big or small.

Okay, all the stuff you suggested that was such an agreeable or good idea, it got put into Renoise.

I know for a fact I suggested the keyboard shortcuts in the tooltips,
and the program numbers next to the vst patches for the vst instrument settings in the instrument settings tab.

now you.

i suggested vertical scrolling and pattern matrix.

no you didn’t

OKOK i suggested the adv edit



pattern highlight offset in song properties I think :lol:

but it’s really hard to tell… just because something you suggested makes it in doesn’t mean you came up with it first :P

I suggested many times before being implemented; having the sample view in the sample editor change when clicking different keyboard keys in a multi-sample instrument :) .

If I remember correctly, I suggested and saw implemented copy/paste for audio between Renoise and other applications (though someone might have done this before I was ever on the forums), inertia and phase for the RingMod device, and a way to improve file renaming.

I suggested LPB B)

awesome :)

Pattern matrix was suggested by danoise. Maybe he wants to tell more about it himself and show original sketches for historical interest. :)

right-clicking the stop button for INSTANT PANIC!! :w00t:

errr guy, i wuz kidding?

And I wasn’t.

the whole computer music thing was my idea, after a feed of shrooms in 1943, while i was in 1981.
Beat That!!

OK, i haven’t ACTUALLY suggested anything that’s been implemented… :P
And yes…Danoise’s Pattern Matrix/Live Brainstorming sketches were awesome…

Capture nearest instrument, mixer post volume, simpler design, new place for pattern size, flac/ogg support, track moving, global filters for colours. Maybe something here and there…

I’ve mostly reported bugs, might have had a few feature suggestions, though I only remember the one that never made it: pixel smooth scrolling :unsure:

you and me both bro ^^

(i was actually looking for “clenched fist salute” but I couldn’t resist this one :P)