User Trivia #01

Can you quickly reply to this poll without looking on search engines? :)
What does the name of our Twilek means? I mean… is it just a meaningless invented word… or it rather have some background? And if it does… what is it? It’s up to you…

Let’s take a look for ‘Parsec’ as well while we’re at it:

a shoot-em up from TI 99/4a computer:…asp?gameid=7915

a shoot-em up on PC:

Press fire button to begin!

:lol: surprise! I know the answer to this quiz :) :D

infact I actually know the what Parsec means aswell, but I maybe keep that as a secret to another quiz ;) :D Hint: 3.1x10^16m :lol:

well… every sci-fi reader knows what a Parsec is.

and every tracker user is also a sci-fi reader :)

on similar topic: is it pronounced “tweelek” or “twylek”? :ph34r:

I must admit I was amazed at the number of wrong answers :blink:
I thought that was going to be another One-Option-only voting poll…
However… the right answer was

“Name of an alien race in StarWars”

To be precise, it’s the name of THIS guy speaking with our Luke Skywalker…

Only toward the end you people started to vote the right direction… and that only means you was CHEATING, damn you :lol:
Anyway, we’ll see with the next poll :D

it is acctually spelled twi’lek and shall be pronounced “twee-leck”, but most people don’t know the origin form so they use to say “twyleck” ;)