hey, month 3 into renoise, still having fun :)
user is my first “complete” track, in terms of melody, base, drums and effects.
with help from a friend i was even able to eq and mix it down - far from perfect but it sounds way better than the first takes ;)

let me know what you think =)

Quite liking the drums and the growling bass isn’t bad. Piano at the end fits quite well (although not sure about lower notes on headphones I’m using, plus it’s 128k.) Nice variation throughout with the squelches coming at the end and nice paddy intro. Didn’t like the oldschool-ish lead-esq sound near the start personally.

Good stuff for your first track though. Guessing not new to computer music even if quite new to Renoise.

thx a lot :)

not really new to electronic music at all, just to producing =) i learned so much over the last months, its really great ! what strikes me everytime is the unbelieveable amount of work that goes into tracks, theres still so much to learn, but i`m in no hurry :)

So Renoise is your first DAW then? Very good work if that’s the case. Keep it up mate :)