Username & Password

As you can read from the title, I can’t find my username and my password to download renoise 1.5 alpha.

What should i have to do??

P.S A friend of mine bought renoise for me because I haven’t a credit card… Must I send his data to recover username and psw??


drop me a mail with your reg-details so i can fix your account.

Previous post was by me…

not yet ?

when did you send it ? once i recieved an icq message while i was offline, no clue who this was since the icq profile wasnt enough to locate the user record.

btw, if you are sending emails from a compromized emailserver / host those will be trashed and marked as spam on our system. its the only way we can handle that amount of junk.

I sent it by clicking on your name here in the forum and then on “e-mail”

Maybe that’s the reason… Ill’try with the account of some of my friend…

Btw, it’s pulsar at renoise dot com… Isn’t it??

yup. to be 100% sure, you can send me a mail using this board (just jump to my profile, you can send me a mail via using this board)

That’s what I did the first time… I’ll retry…


yes i did on the 7th… i was wrong about that spam stuff, i got the mail and i replied instantly. i have forwarded you that email once again, so the problem wasnt on my side but on yours.

i get plenty of such mails every day, its a bit difficult to remember whom i have replied and whom not (actually i process the requests within few hours). anyway, check your mailbox and have a closer look what you recieved on 7th. lets hope this is not a bigger problem where more users could be affected.

I got it… Thank you Pulsar